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What the 2010 Elections Mean

October 18, 2010Contrarian 1 Comment »

With midterm elections two weeks away and pollsters predicting that Republicans — many with Tea Party backing — will gain control of the House and perhaps pick up as many as 12 seats in the Senate, the challengers’ campaigns seem to be coalescing around two principal themes: substantially reducing the size of the federal government, […]

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New Encyclopedia Entry

April 3, 2010Contrarian 2 Comments »

New entry in the Encyclopedia of Political Nonsense. Social Justice. The Left’s preferred euphemism for material equality and its chief moral rationale for wealth redistribution. As with many leftist neologisms, “social justice” attempts to appropriate a term with favorable connotations, such as “justice,” and use it to refer to something else, in the hope that […]

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Health Care Blasphemy

August 19, 2009Contrarian 2 Comments »

Well, this being a political blog (although one which tries to focus on local issues), I suppose a post or two on the hot topic of the moment —¬†health care — is de rigeur. And there is a local connection, after all, since access to “affordable preventive health care” is one of the fiat¬†“rights” asserted […]

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Encyclopedia of Political Nonsense

August 18, 2009Contrarian Comments Off on Encyclopedia of Political Nonsense

FreeSpokane today adds a new feature — the Encyclopedia of Political Nonsense. It will be a compilation of words, phrases, and statements frequently encountered in social/political discussions which are either empirically false or rest upon assumptions which are empirically false. The qualifier “empirically” is important here: the Encyclopedia will not include statements with which I […]

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Envision Spokane v. the Constitution

August 7, 2009Contrarian 1 Comment »

At its Aug. 3 meeting the Spokane City Council considered a resolution to place a pair of advisory questions before the voters in the November elections. The two questions were, (1) Should the City seek “new funding sources” (e.g., new or increased taxes) to pay the costs expected to result should Envision Spokane’s “Community Bill […]

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