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Time for an UnComprehensive Plan

July 31, 2009Contrarian 1 Comment »

One of the questions asked of Spokane City Council District 2 candidates at the League of Women Voters forum (first shown on July 23, link ¬†here, “Other Video Programs“) was, “Sometimes the Council grants developers exceptions to the Comprehensive Plan or zoning regulations. What would be your criteria for granting these exceptions?” Interestingly, while the […]

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The Myth of Transit Efficiency

July 26, 2009Contrarian Comments Off on The Myth of Transit Efficiency

It is an article of unquestioned faith among advocates of public transit systems that such systems are more efficient than the privately-operated automobile (POV) for passenger transportation. The dogma was expressed most recently by Michael Replogle, a consultant for the Environmental Defense Fund and professional transit propagandist, in his testimony¬†on July 7 before a Senate […]

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Politicians, Planners, and Obesity

July 24, 2009Contrarian 1 Comment »

One of the most amusing arguments in the repertoire of the anti-automobile zealots is the “Obesity Argument.” You know how it goes: we should build more bike lanes, force higher urban densities, build narrower, “traffic-calmed” streets, increase fuel taxes for auto users, etc., in order to compel people to walk and bicycle more. Obesity is, […]

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