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New Encyclopedia Entry

April 3, 2010Contrarian 2 Comments »

New entry in the Encyclopedia of Political Nonsense. Social Justice. The Left’s preferred euphemism for material equality and its chief moral rationale for wealth redistribution. As with many leftist neologisms, “social justice” attempts to appropriate a term with favorable connotations, such as “justice,” and use it to refer to something else, in the hope that […]

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Free Lunchers Eye Western Gold

March 19, 2010Contrarian Comments Off on Free Lunchers Eye Western Gold

“You may not know it,” says MSNBC’s Brian Williams, “but you own some gold mines — actually, the public land where gold, silver, and uranium are dug out of the Earth.” That sets the stage for a segment in the network’s “Fleecing of America” series, this one lamenting the 1872 Mining Law and the fact that […]

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Poverty Propaganda

October 23, 2009Contrarian 4 Comments »

Although I’m not one to whine about “media bias” — newspapers and other media being private enterprises entitled by the First Amendment to express the “bias” of their choice — it is dismaying when they do so by distorting, omitting, or manufacturing the underlying facts of the story, or by allowing a source or informant […]

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