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Has Spokane Warmed?

December 14, 2009Contrarian 2 Comments »

One series of emails from the “Climategate” CRU email release which has drawn some attention is this one between Phil Jones of CRU et al and Swedish climate researcher Wibjorn Karlen. It concerns the temperature trends in the Nordic countries shown in IPCC AR4. Karlen asks Jones and Trenberth for the data upon which the […]

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Climate Alarmists Alarmed

November 19, 2009Contrarian 8 Comments »

Sometime yesterday a hacker, or possibly an inside whistle-blower, obtained access to the UK’s Hadley Climate Research Unit computers, downloaded over 1000 emails with attachments, bundled them into a ZIP file, and placed them on a public server in Russia. Links to the ZIP file were then posted on several AGW skeptics’ blogs. The purloined […]

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Roy Spencer: Global Warming “Expensive Urban Legend”

October 24, 2009Contrarian Comments Off on Roy Spencer: Global Warming “Expensive Urban Legend”

Noted climate scientist Roy Spencer today writes on his blog, “I contend that the belief in human-caused global warming as a dangerous event, either now or in the future, has most of the characteristics of an urban legend. Like other urban legends, it is based upon an element of truth. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse […]

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