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Proposition 4: Bill of Rights Violations

October 6, 2009Contrarian 3 Comments »

Most of the considerable opposition which has emerged to date to Proposition 4, the so-called “Community Bill of Rights” which will appear on the November general election ballot, has focused on the measure’s fiscal implications for the City and its implications for the local economy. These are certainly serious concerns. Indeed, the measure is likely […]

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Health Care Blasphemy

August 19, 2009Contrarian 2 Comments »

Well, this being a political blog (although one which tries to focus on local issues), I suppose a post or two on the hot topic of the moment —¬†health care — is de rigeur. And there is a local connection, after all, since access to “affordable preventive health care” is one of the fiat¬†“rights” asserted […]

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Envision Spokane v. the Constitution

August 7, 2009Contrarian 1 Comment »

At its Aug. 3 meeting the Spokane City Council considered a resolution to place a pair of advisory questions before the voters in the November elections. The two questions were, (1) Should the City seek “new funding sources” (e.g., new or increased taxes) to pay the costs expected to result should Envision Spokane’s “Community Bill […]

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