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What the 2010 Elections Mean

October 18, 2010Contrarian 1 Comment »

With midterm elections two weeks away and pollsters predicting that Republicans — many with Tea Party backing — will gain control of the House and perhaps pick up as many as 12 seats in the Senate, the challengers’ campaigns seem to be coalescing around two principal themes: substantially reducing the size of the federal government, […]

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Constitution “Defeated”

October 30, 2009Contrarian 3 Comments »

In a debate on another blog (the Spokesman-Review’s “Matter of Opinion” blog), one commenter wrote, “No amount of Libertarian Ayn Randian rhetoric about the long defeated concept of “enumerated powers” as why this country can’t have universal health care is going to convince any intelligent citizens.” I asked how the doctrine of enumerated powers had […]

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9th Circuit Endorses Slavery

July 23, 2009Contrarian 6 Comments »

The opinion of the Spokesman-Review’s editors (July 11) regarding the decision of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Stormans v. Selecky is as puzzling as the decision itself. (The ruling in question lifted an injunction issued by a lower court which barred the State of Washington from enforcing a decree that pharmacists stock and dispense the “morning after” […]

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