Climate Alarmists Alarmed

November 19, 2009Contrarian 8 Comments »

Sometime yesterday a hacker, or possibly an inside whistle-blower, obtained access to the UK’s Hadley Climate Research Unit computers, downloaded over 1000 emails with attachments, bundled them into a ZIP file, and placed them on a public server in Russia. Links to the ZIP file were then posted on several AGW skeptics’ blogs. The purloined files have already been downloaded by thousands of snoops around the world.

The Hadley Center is one of the world’s foremost climate research centers (it produces the HADCRUT temperature database, used by all climate researchers) and is one of the loudest Chicken Littles of climate catastrophism.

While it will be days before the significance of these files can be established, they are certain to embarass, if not discredit, their authors — if they prove to be authentic, which has not yet been established. In some exchanges Hadley researchers discuss ways to prevent critics of AGW from being published; in others they appear to discuss methods of altering data to better fit their theories.

While not yet vetted, what has been published so far has the ring of authenticity. Moreover, the very volume of the material argues against a scam — few con artists would have the knowledge, time or patience to hoke up 135 MB of phony correspondence and papers.

An early look at the contents can be found here.

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  • Daisy Says:

    I already reviewed half of the information. If the claims made by the hackers are correct, the business (and I do mean “business”)of climate warming will be in such disarray, no logical person could believe anything HADLEY’s group or the proponents have published.

    If this is a hoax, it’ll be a very expensive one trying to unravel what has/has not been done. Sometimes we don’t like the truth but we learn to live with it. In this case, the truth will be tough to come by. How treacherous for the human race…..

  • Contrarian Says:


    All the email writers contacted so far (4-5) have admitted the emails to or from them are genuine. No one has claimed (so far) that any email allegedly from them is bogus.

    Be sure and check out Anthony Watt’s blog for extensive discussion.


  • Daisy Says:

    Spent Thanksgiving in Beverly Hills with some people who usually have their collective finger on the pulse of this. It seems there has been a collective cabal of science, government, ex-government treating the claims as a “business” experiment. The spokesperson of the whole thing is a face named Al. There is enough evidence to oderately support some of the claims we all can see with our own eyes. Paradoxically though, much of the data is showing more cooling that warming. Some of the warming claims are dependent upon measurements taken in places (per protocol) that were flawed.
    Further though, with the admissions that should be forthcoming, the field is muddied up so badly, the truth of the situation will be difficult to know..If there is/was data to support warming, it looks like it might be marginalised with the scandal.
    Sad thing is this: We don’t know and we won’t know what we should as much of the publication of relevant data was blocked by the proponents of warming. Good science is already hard to come by….it gets stickier when it’s blocked or defamed by certain motivated groups who have some control as gatekeepers. More later… I’m kind of surprised why the major nets aren’t hard at this story. Looks quite important.

  • Contrarian Says:

    There’s no question there has been some warming in the 20th Century, Daisy. The questions are, How much? And, What is the reason for it? The land temperature records are unreliable, the reconstructions of past (pre-instrumental) temps are even less reliable, and the models which assume CO2 is the culprit are also unreliable.

  • The Chairman of my own Self Says:

    Regardless of what warming is or is not taking place why do we even consider huge government regulations as the answer? I see this same argument when it comes to health insurance reform. Yes we have to do something but is turning everything over to the government the answer. Of course not.

  • The Chairman Says:

    Has anyone heard or seen anyone calling this type of government control a “command economy”? I think it might have an effect different then “socialism”.

  • Contrarian Says:

    It has been called that many times, Chairman. Also “state socialism.” It was the economic approach adopted by the Nazis — most industry remains (nominally) in private hands, but is in fact controlled by the State.

  • Daisy Says:

    These reports are getting worse. This looks like a mixture of studity, absence of logic and plain fraud generated to forward an idea. The idea that man caused this warming/cooling is not clear at all now. Maybe it’s a “never was” and will be relegated to myth. Either way, billions of monies are scheduled to combat a phantom. I hope America digs in and doesn’t support this idea of financial combat to cure an event that isn’t an event at all.

    The CO2 data never really existed. It’s just plain fraudulent. No wonder the government never had data to relate CO2 to warming or anything for that matter. It’s just not there.