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“Complete Streets” = Complete Nonsense

April 10, 2010Contrarian 25 Comments »

Well, the new “green”-tinged City Council has wasted no time in trotting out its first major boondoggle. Last Monday the Council voted 5-2 for a resolution directing city staff to attend a workshop to be conducted by an outfit called the “Complete Streets Coalition” — a Washington, DC-based lobbying group devoted to rebuilding America’s urban […]

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New Encyclopedia Entry

April 3, 2010Contrarian 2 Comments »

New entry in the Encyclopedia of Political Nonsense. Social Justice. The Left’s preferred euphemism for material equality and its chief moral rationale for wealth redistribution. As with many leftist neologisms, “social justice” attempts to appropriate a term with favorable connotations, such as “justice,” and use it to refer to something else, in the hope that […]

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