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What the 2010 Elections Mean

October 18, 2010Contrarian 1 Comment »

With midterm elections two weeks away and pollsters predicting that Republicans — many with Tea Party backing — will gain control of the House and perhaps pick up as many as 12 seats in the Senate, the challengers’ campaigns seem to be coalescing around two principal themes: substantially reducing the size of the federal government, […]

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Constitution “Defeated”

October 30, 2009Contrarian 3 Comments »

In a debate on another blog (the Spokesman-Review’s “Matter of Opinion” blog), one commenter wrote, “No amount of Libertarian Ayn Randian rhetoric about the long defeated concept of “enumerated powers” as why this country can’t have universal health care is going to convince any intelligent citizens.” I asked how the doctrine of enumerated powers had […]

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Proposition 4: Bill of Rights Violations

October 6, 2009Contrarian 3 Comments »

Most of the considerable opposition which has emerged to date to Proposition 4, the so-called “Community Bill of Rights” which will appear on the November general election ballot, has focused on the measure’s fiscal implications for the City and its implications for the local economy. These are certainly serious concerns. Indeed, the measure is likely […]

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New Encyclopedia Entries

September 24, 2009Contrarian Comments Off on New Encyclopedia Entries

Some new additions to the Encyclopedia of Political Nonsense. After a few more I’ll give the Encyclopedia its own page. Greed. The standard leftist term of disparagement for the drive, common to all living organisms, to thrive, i.e., to survive, increase its security, reduce its discomforts and risks, and provide for its offspring. For humans, […]

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Lively Health Care Debate . . .

August 24, 2009Contrarian Comments Off on Lively Health Care Debate . . .

. . . on the Spokesman-Review’s “Matter of Opinion” blog, here. Yours truly is a participant, of course.

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Encyclopedia of Political Nonsense

August 18, 2009Contrarian Comments Off on Encyclopedia of Political Nonsense

FreeSpokane today adds a new feature — the Encyclopedia of Political Nonsense. It will be a compilation of words, phrases, and statements frequently encountered in social/political discussions which are either empirically false or rest upon assumptions which are empirically false. The qualifier “empirically” is important here: the Encyclopedia will not include statements with which I […]

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