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Snyder’s “Fatal Conceit”

October 10, 2009Contrarian 1 Comment »

An interesting exchange here between Spokesman-Review reporter Jonathan Brunt and City Council candidate Jon Snyder regarding the “big box” development on the South Hill approved by the Council last year. Snyder had stated that he would not have approved the zoning change which will allow the development. (Exchange begins ~ 37 minutes). —— Brunt: How […]

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Eugster Blows It

August 14, 2009Contrarian Comments Off on Eugster Blows It

Gadfly attorney, intrepid blogger, former Spokane City Councilman and current Council Candidate (District 2) Steve Eugster today on his blog laments the decision of a South Hill neighborhood group to abandon their efforts to block a “big box” retail development on S. Regal St (S-R story here). Eugster calls the decision by the City Council […]

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Tale of Two Cities

August 13, 2009Contrarian 2 Comments »

During a recent conversation over coffee an acquaintance posed the question, “What does Spokane have going for it?” My immediate and glib answer was, “Not much.” No, I’m not a reluctantly relocated Seattleite, nor an exemplar of Spokane’s alleged inferiority complex. Spokane does have a number of significant assets, which Greater Spokane, Inc. and the […]

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Time for an UnComprehensive Plan

July 31, 2009Contrarian 1 Comment »

One of the questions asked of Spokane City Council District 2 candidates at the League of Women Voters forum (first shown on July 23, link  here, “Other Video Programs“) was, “Sometimes the Council grants developers exceptions to the Comprehensive Plan or zoning regulations. What would be your criteria for granting these exceptions?” Interestingly, while the […]

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More Transit Myths Debunked

July 26, 2009Contrarian Comments Off on More Transit Myths Debunked

Public transit nemesis Randall O’Toole also testified before the Senate committee hearing mentioned in the previous post (video and transcripts here). Some of his points (none of which were challenged by any member of the Committee or other witnesses): ♦ “Transit subsidies have historically had only a trivial effect on ridership. Between 1987 and 2007, annual subsidies […]

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