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Photo Galleries!

October 18, 2010Contrarian 1 Comment »

The blog now features some photo galleries of Spokane area scenes. See sidebar at left. I’ll add shots and categories as the spirit moves me.

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Head Start Isn’t

February 22, 2010Contrarian 2 Comments »

The Spokesman-Review reports that the “It takes a village” crowd is plotting a new local property tax to finance early childhood education programs: “Volunteers will gather signatures starting Tuesday to put a levy before voters in August to establish a Children’s Investment Fund. The money would be used to support early childhood learning, abuse and […]

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint — Eat Your Dog

October 21, 2009Contrarian 1 Comment »

Some greenie true believers in New Zealand have proposed a new method of reducing your “carbon footprint” — eat your dog. And your cat, too. They calculate that feeding your spaniel requires 0.84 hectares (about 2 acres) of land annually. By comparison, sufficient biofuel to build and drive your Land Cruiser 6200 miles could be […]

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Candidates Quiet About “Bill of Frights”

July 30, 2009Contrarian 3 Comments »

Other than the two incumbents in the City Council primary races and Steve Eugster, the candidates have been curiously silent regarding their positions on the “Bill of Frights” Charter Amendment proposal which will appear on the November ballot. I found no mention of that proposal during a quick tour of the web sites of candidates […]

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9th Circuit Endorses Slavery

July 23, 2009Contrarian 6 Comments »

The opinion of the Spokesman-Review’s editors (July 11) regarding the decision of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Stormans v. Selecky is as puzzling as the decision itself. (The ruling in question lifted an injunction issued by a lower court which barred the State of Washington from enforcing a decree that pharmacists stock and dispense the “morning after” […]

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We’re Launched!

July 20, 2009Contrarian 2 Comments »

Well, the blog is “officially” launched. Not much here yet, but give me some time. After haunting a number of other local blogs over the last several months — some of you may have read the rants of “Contrarian” — I decided to launch a blog of my own and give those other patient bloggers […]

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